Why You Should Keep the Reason for Selling Your Home to Yourself

Every seller has a reason for selling their home. While it can be easy to let others know why you’re selling your home, it might be a good idea to keep the reason to yourself. Let’s find out why in this short video: “Reasons for Selling Your Home”.

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What is the Main Reason for Selling Your Home?

As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, determining why you want to sell your home and your motivation behind wanting to to sell your home is the starting point of the process. However, the reason why you are selling needs to be kept from potential buyers. Discuss why you are selling with your real estate agent so they can determine the best method to list your home, but don’t tell anyone else!

You may wonder why you shouldn’t tell others the reason you’re moving. The answer is, there are certain things a home seller should never say to a prospective buyer! The reason is, if a buyer knows why you are selling your home, then this may give them an advantage when putting an offer in. 

For example, if a buyer knows that you need to move quickly, this can be a disadvantage for you! The buyer could then not offer what the home is worth in hopes that you will be motivated to take an offer due to your timeline. Vice versa, if a buyer finds out that you don’t have a tight deadline to move, then the buyers may not be motivated to make an offer as quickly. Of course, keep in mind that the state of the market, whether you are in a buyers market or sellers market when you list your home, will also play a key part in your home selling strategy and how buyers make their offers.

You don’t want buyers to know why you’re selling because it can affect your negotiating skills and it also can affect getting the most out of what you want from selling your home, whether that’s selling quickly or for top dollar. Talk to your real estate agent about other things that potential buyers shouldn’t know so you have a general awareness about things not to say to homebuyers. 

Have More Questions About Selling Your Home in Birmingham, AL?

So, no matter what the reason is that you’re selling your home, keep it between your and your realtor! Most buyers want to know why a home is on the market, but you need to make sure that you protect yourself and get your home sold for the right reasons and for what it’s worth. Do you have more questions about selling your home? Then contact me today! Let me help you sell your home in the Birmingham, Alabama area. 

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